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Water ATM Controller

The water ATM controller is installed in the water ATM machine for ensuring the high functionality and monitoring the working of the machines. It is the part which ultimately controls the whole machine.

RO Membrane
The RO membrane is fitted or installed in the RO plants for eliminating the salt, dirt, dust, pollutants, chemicals, and other impure constituents which are dissolved in the water.. 
RO System

The RO system is the water purifying system, which works for purifying the water by reducing the harmful contents of the water. The plant makes the water drinkable

RO Chemical

The RO chemical is the part of an RO system, which is used collectively for eliminating the dust and salt from the water. This chemical is useful and does not harm the water.

RO Water Purifier

The RO water purifier is the water treatment machine used to purify the hard water, polluted water. the water is treated or purified before the safe applications.

Stainless Steel Tank

The stainless steel tank is a high quality industrial tank used for versatile purposes. The tank is robust and sturdier in nature and looks shiny. It is easy to handle and clean the tank.

RO Water Softener

The RO water softener is used for softening the hard water. the supplied hard water is not considered safe for the interaction with skin or dedicated fabric and thus, demands to be softened or treated.

RO Membrane Cleaner

The RO membrane is used to clean the membrane of the RO. The cleaner helps in cleansing the membrane before it gets highly affected with the interacted dust and pollutants.

Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge is used to determine and monitor the changes in the pressure. This machine has the needle which points the specific numbers for displaying the measurements in an accurate manner.

Mineral Water Plant

The mineral water plant is used for running the bottled water business. The mineral water is safe for drinking purpose. The plant treats and purifies the water.

RO Plant

The RO plant is used for purifying or treating the supplied water. the supplied water is generally unsafe for the applications and demands for effective treatment.

RO Control Panel

The RO control panel is the controlling part of the reverse osmosis equipment. The control panel significantly and accurately handles the functioning and performance of the ROs.